Tiny House Living on Emerald Isle? Is it Possible?

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Real Estate

The latest craze hitting the real estate market is Tiny House living.  Could you live in a house that is under 400 sqft?  Do you think it would be possible to do that in Emerald Isle, NC?  Well check out this house for sale at 8508 Sound Drive in Emerald Isle.  It has is 360 sq ft and is priced at $199,900. http://www.crystalcoasthomesearches.com/listing/mlsid/769/propertyid/100039139/

Looking for that perfect lot in Emerald Isle to put that tiny house on?  We have one listed at 8516 Canal Drive that just might be perfect for that tiny home.  http://www.crystalcoasthomesearches.com/listing/mlsid/769/propertyid/100051052/